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Maple Fine Foods Ltd placed great emphasis on the development and innovation of our meals as well as the technology behind the manufacturing, packing, storing, and distribution. We stay abreast of all new developments in the food sector in order to supply the best product to our clients.

Chicken with Rice

Sourcing New Technologies

Thanks to actively sourcing new technologies to improve the efficiency of our production cycle, our innovative ideas have made us market leaders in the Halal ready-meals sector. As the fastest growing manufacturer, we have progressively improved the quality of our meals whilst keeping costs low.

The C/Pet Container

As the first Halal supplier to pack meals in a C/Pet container, we give customers great flexibility as the packaging can be used in an oven or microwave. As a result, fewer meals are wasted as you're able to heat them up when and how you want to.

The Naan Bread Meal

We've discovered that many people enjoy eating their curry with naan bread as well as rice, much as they would eat roti at home.  This lead to the Nan Bread meal.  These meals include our tasty curries with a lentil accompaniment, rice, and naan.

The Twist Meals

Our Maple Twist range provides Halal meals for a more varied diet. Research into the eating preferences of modern-day Muslims has shown a shift away from the traditional meals as they lean towards experimenting with new flavours.

Happy Hearts

We are firm believers that happy hearts are healthy hearts and healthy hearts need a healthy diet. Numerous studies have suggested that diets which are high in saturated fats increase the risk of suffering from heart disease or a stroke. With this is mind, we use rapeseed oil and olive oil in our meals as they are naturally lower in saturated fats.

The Less Salt Drive

Having recently launched a campaign, our main aim was to reduce the amount of salt that is in our meals. Thanks to our hard work and determination, we dramatically cut the salt content in our recipes. Our meals are now much healthier.

Dysphagic Meals

Sourcing starches from various continents, we followed a scientific process to create dysphagic meals for those with difficulty swallowing or chewing. Thanks to the materials used, they are set and moulded in a way to maintain their shape or leach water when heated. Our experts will carry out tests on your heating device to make sure timing is correct for the safety of your patients.

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