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Halal Food

We provide a collection of Halal cuisine that incorporates flavours from all over the world. Our individual meals are ideal for hospital patients, airline passengers, and nightshift workers. Our restaurant style meals are popular with Muslims and non-Muslims alike in staff restaurants and canteens throughout the country. They were developed with the governments healthy eating at work initiative in mind and are both nutritious and scrumptious. All ingredients used are strictly Halal but anyone eating them will agree that they are simply 'a really good curry!' Our ranges include:

South Asian - Style Halal Food

We incorporate much-loved Asian curries with spices and only use the finest ingredients in our special Maple marinade for these ready-made meals. The authentic sauces give our meals a fresh, home-cooked flavour, texture, and smell. Mild meals are also available for children. Our Halal meats consist of: chicken, lamb, minced lamb, and beef.

Vegetarian Dishes

We use a variety of authentic Indian recipes to create vegetarian and vegan meals that are perfectly spiced and aromatic. These delicious meals are rich in flavours found in traditional South Asian homes.

Caribbean Cuisine

Our distinct Caribbean dishes are made from traditional herbs and spices. Made with ingredients sourced by our dedicated chefs, they have the same taste and aromas you would find in a Caribbean kitchen.

Maple Twist

Thanks to the research carried out by our hardworking product development team, we have identified a growing demand for non-curry-based Halal meals. Young Muslims are often accustomed to more global styles of food and are willing to try new flavours. We've developed a range of Western-style meals to accommodate those with a milder palate and are suitable for children.

African Cuisine

Our African range is one which is continually increasing in popularity. We have a range of dishes from across the continent and are adding to the range all the time.

Cooke Halal Dish

Kosher Meals

We provide delicious meals that are suitable for all Jewish people. All meals are double wrapped to ensure their freshness. We also supply a special range of meals that are suitable for Passover. Our supplier, Hermolis, is one of the leading manufacturers of Kosher meals in the UK, providing us with high-quality food that smells and looks fantastic.

Bespoke Meals

If there is something you need that we don’t do, give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Puree Meals/Dysphagic Meals

Perfectly blended and sieved to make a consistent product, our puree meals are thick enough to leave a coating on the back of a spoon. We pack them in three-compartment containers to produce an appealing and appetising dish. Our dysphagic meals are specially formulated, moulded and plated in a round C/Pet container. We aim to provide a meal that looks and tastes like any other meal. Sourcing starches from various continents, we followed a scientific process to create dysphagic meals for those with difficulty swallowing or chewing. Thanks to the materials used, they are set and moulded in a way to maintain their shape or leach water when heated. Our experts will carry out tests on your heating device to make sure timing is correct for the safety of your patients.

Individual Meal